Our Endorsed Candidates

  • Balanced Budget
  • Lower Taxes
  • Border Security
  • Overturning Obamacare
  • Energy Independence
  • Pro-Life Champions
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Eliminating Common Core
  • Local Control
  • Privacy Protection
  • Smart Meters
  • Agenda 21
  • Religious Freedom

Our Issues

We follow the campaigns, the fundraising sources, the endorsements, and the public and private positions of the candidates throughout the election season.  Sometimes we have recommended a candidate in the Primary, only to change our recommendation in a runoff or general election because of new information. 

We will be watching, evaluating candidates and making general election endorsements prior to the start of early voting.


The latest campaign finance reports have been submitted and there are some VERY INTERESTING developments to review!

It appears that some of our "Conservative Champions" have received a LOT of money from the establishment PAC's, have paid themselves and family with some of the money, and have financially benefited from their public service.  A DEFINITE BREACH OF OUR TRUST!!!  We will NOT support or endorse anyone who violates our trust - candidates you have been warned!


Vote NO on Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller - His record is NOT Conservative (See News & Updates)

Vote YES for Angela Paxton for Senate District 8 (Collin Co) - Another Paxton for SD 8? Easy Decision