Breaking News - August 16, 2017

Speaker Joe Straus emerged from the Republican Caucus meeting smiling and in a good mood following reports that he was thanked for his leadership and received a standing ovation from the Caucus - INCLUDING THE MEMBERS OF THE FREEDOM CAUCUS.

It appears that his re-election to speaker next session is all but guaranteed and that the members claiming to be in the Freedom Caucus may be lying to us.  More to come as we hear details from our inside sources.

Announcement - Sept. 6, 2017

Angela Paxton announces her run for the Senate Seat her husband Ken Paxton held before his election as Attorney General!  

This one isn't hard - A Paxton to represent Collin County again, or a twin of the Huffines we already have representing Highland Park who has never lived in Collin County.  We don't like carpetbaggers in the Tea Party who move just to run (unless we ask them to of course).  So, we're going to be supporting Paxton, again.

News Update - Sept. 6, 2017

just weeks after he was elected Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller asked the Texas Legislature for more money, they turned him down.  So, instead of cutting his budget and staff, he raised fees on the farmers and ranchers of Texas, grew his staff, redecorated his office and took taxpayer funded trips to rodeos (where he competed and won prize money) and to Israel on a "trade mission".  Now we learn that he collected millions more than he thought he needed for all those expenses and he hasn't returned it to the hard working farmers and ranchers!

Why did we endorse him?  We won't make that mistake again.